Website Design – The Basics

Unlike many of my competitors I do not start with a blank piece of paper. There is a reason for their approach – they want to spend tens or hundreds of hours pretending that they wrote every nook and cranny of your site just for you. The reality is that 75% of the underpinnings of a website are completely reusable. At Grand Island Design we focus on the last 25% that will give you a clean, professional website that you can be proud of. We will let you pick from hundreds of high-end templates (such as the one used to create this site), and then together we will put together the content, color, pictures, etc that will make your business or organization stand out.

The advantage of this approach is that you get a visual for what your website could look like on the first day of the project. In the “blank slate” approach, there are meetings and iterations of proof-of-concepts that can go on for weeks and cost a lot of your time and money. For a large corporate with large pockets that is all well and good, but for a small business or organization it is an unnecessary expenditure to have someone create a series of mock-ups so that you can pick one. The templates that I work with are made by top graphic design artists. Also, they are free to look at and very inexpensive to purchase. So day one of the project you’re already 75% further along that you would be had you gone somewhere else.

Need proof? Drop me a line and ask to see the template catalog. Be sure to include a little bit about your organization so that we can come up with a more refined list for you.  Also please feel free to check out the work that I have done for other customers here.

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