Epic Hair Salon (10/2018) We achieved a simple yet stylish design.

I HATE Bad Movies (11/2018)  This site features a back-end application that allows the author to easily compile movie information and posters into his reviews.  The artwork, moving information, etc is automatically downloaded into the review.

Thirsty Buffalo (11/2018) The site is live - waiting for updated high-resolution pictures.

ECommerce site #1 (Spring 2019)  This site is a site that sells elite meats for the benefit of affiliates.  Included in the site is an affiliate system.

ECommerce Site #2 (Spring 2019)  This site will be selling custom-printed products and features a product design tool that customers on the site can use to make or upload their own design.

ECommerce Site #3 (on hold)  The same entrepreneur as the previous site.  Waiting for a trademark issue to be ironed out.

ECommerce Site #4 (on hold)  This is a a site for a vendor that sells niche meat products.  Waiting for an ownership issue to be ironed out.