Photoshop: My Mortal Enemy (and an ode to drywallers)

I think no matter what profession you are in there is something that you were either not quite good at or something that just takes you longer to master than most people.  For me that skill is photoshop.  Don’t get me wrong – my customers don’t pay for my inability to quickly crop/tweak/modify images and in the end the images look just fine.  It’s just that I have to go dig out the manuals every time I need to do something that I haven’t done in a while.  Once I do it I remember it…. and then after several months its gone again.

If I could compare this deficiency to something else in my life I would say that I struggle in a similar why when putting up drywall.  Over the last five years I’ve done a bit of drywalling – I built a new exercise room and also drywalled my outdoor patio bar.   Each time I did it I would go out to youtube and become familiar with the techniques.  After a little while I got the hang of it again.   Before that?  There may have been some words that I can’t repeat here.  As with the photoshop work everything turned out fine but in the interim I gained a few more gray hairs.

So with that, I salute all of the graphic designers out there.  And drywallers.

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